Alef Betty: Modern Hebrew Arts

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Haggadot in the Wild

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who ordered our Haggadah and sent us feedback, after putting it into action at seders across the country! We've been collecting photos of the Haggadot in the wild, and wanted to share a few of them here.

The Lutwick family seder in New York – check out the amazing plague masks!

Back in Washington, DC, the table is set for the original Urban Family Passover Seder.

Urban family in action!

Two of the 50+ guests at the Pines family seder in Berkeley, California.

The Flamholz family seder in Baltimore.

The Phillips crew represents for San Diego.

The Wacks / Gallagher family seder in Eugene, Oregon.

Los Angeles, hipstomatic style.

More love for the Haggadah on Strong Island!

Thanks to everyone who cheered for us, who welcomed our Haggadah into their homes, and who sent us love! Until next year....

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