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Zeev Engelmayer Haggadah

About 8 years ago, one of my closest friends brought this irreverent Haggadah over the ocean for me from Israel. It's illustrated by Zeev Engelmayer, a comic artist living and working in Tel Aviv. He regularly publishes comics in Israeli newspapers and magazines, and his Haggadah shows him at his twisted best.

The four sons:

Chad gadya and rachtza / motzi matzah / maror / korech / shulchan orech:

Chametz! Chametz!

All images above courtesy of Mitzraim Publishers - check out more of Engelmayer's awesome spreads on Flickr. For those who will be in Israel this spring / summer, there will be an exhibit of Engelmayer's work in Holon. I, for one, would love to see what he does with the Song of Songs.

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